Technology Manager - Materials

Redwood City

Technology Manager - Materials

The successful candidate will lead a team of engineers, scientists, and technicians responsible for the new product development of Thermal Segment product lines. 

Primary Responsibilities of Team:

  • Drive new product requirements through to commercialization of new products (3D: Discover, Develop, Deploy):
    • Define Product Design (build intention)
    • Define Product Performance (datasheet)
    • Define Design Tools (for configured or custom product applications)
    • Define Quality Test Tools (for performance verification)
    • Work cross-functionally to ensure logistics (Operations), processes (Quality), materials (Supply), and certifications (Approvals) support the design intent and product performance
  • Participate in knowledge transfer from 3D: technical design reviews, FAI, and post-launch product support
  • Conduct research to support innovation (Technical Investigation):
    • Develop new technical capabilities (performance, quality and/or reliability) for commercialization
    • Maintain knowledge of new and advanced technologies
    • Maintain knowledge of previous generations of product
    • Understand technical aspects of field returns
    • Understand needs of customers (expressed and latent) via participation in VoC (Voice of Customer)
    • Conduct competitive testing
  • Provide support for 3D projects have been identified for VA/VE (Value Add/Value Engineer) refresh
  • Write invention disclosures and protect intellectual property
  • Oversee associated labs and equipment

Other Responsibilities of Team & this Leader:

  • Manage the Polymer, Ceramics, and Metallurgical team, including development plans & selection decisions
  • Define project scope and deliverables within project portfolio
  • Direct the work of engineers, scientists, and technicians, etc. in the design, analysis, prototyping and testing within project portfolio
  • Develop and execute test plans to verify product design intent and compliance with codes and standards
  • Provide technical leadership through technical reports, published papers, seminars, and active participation in the technical community, such as Industry Associations
  • Assist with the resolution of technical issues related to product design, system design, and compliance with industry standards
  • Support operational improvement projects where design expertise is required
  • Assist with the resolution of technical issues related to product design, system design, and compliance with industry standards
  • Create engineering documentation, drawings, and BOM’s for new nVent products
  • Follow, and help develop where appropriate, nVent standard work and processes to support portfolio execution
  • Define, manage, prioritize, and monitor work progression within group including tracking and reporting task backlog, cycle-time, and on-time completion
  • Provide objective technical oversight to 3D projects by signing at 3D milestones as technical authority.
  • Prepare weekly update on group progression: 3D, TIs and Tickets.
  • Plan and manage Cost Center Budget
  • Serve as technical liaison with manufacturing, operations, supply, quality, and sustaining engineering in order to ensure strong awareness, communication, and cross functional support
  • Ensure technical coverage of all materials technologies (polymers, ceramics, metals, etc.) by engaging Enterprise SMEs and/or consultants to support gaps within internal capabilities
  • Ensure access to and maintain understanding of lab capabilities within the materials analysis laboratory and key relationships to enable effective lab support
  • Prepare Capital Expenditure Requests for lab and equipment upgrades


  • MS or equivalent degree in science or engineering (Materials, Metallurgy, Ceramics, Polymers, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering)
  • PhD degree desirable
  • At least 10 years relevant experience


  • Ability to lead
  • Excellent communication skills. Experience working directly with other functions and customers preferred.
  • Excellent project management skills to efficiently organize, plan, and track project activities
  • Excellent engineering ability and aptitude
  • Knowledge of Global hazardous and non-hazardous area approvals for electrical equipment
  • Knowledge of manufacturing processes and development
  • Knowledge of quality assurance methodologies
  • Multi-language ability preferred
  • Ability to travel globally