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You may have found your professional home if are the certified welding inspector (CWI) responsible for ensuring safety by examining the work of welders to determine that it meets the required specifications and standards we are seeking. This position is in the Pre-Engineered Metal Building Manufacturing Industry. The production welding done is limited to MIG only.

You will ensure the work produced by welders meets specifications for quality and safety. The CWI’s certification ensures that inspector has the appropriate skills for determining the quality of welds. The inspector will perform tests on welds to determine whether weld joints can handle stress. The work of welding inspectors ensures that welds used on structures are safe used


What you will do includes but is not limited to:
-Perform visual inspections on welded products in progress and completed items
-Search for defects in the weld such as cracks and pits
-Use magnification to find defects that potential weaken the strength of the joint
-Measure welded products to ensure that they meet specifications for dimension
-Use stress equipment to put stress on weld joints
-Determine if the weld will hold up under stressful conditions
-Check weld machine setup and the welding techniques of welders on work in progress to ensure the quality of the work
-Record the results of tests and welding inspections

Send your resume in MS Word format to Steve Wilson at steve@denham.net or call (559) 222.5284 if you have any questions. Please refer to the job order number (109520) in your response. Compensation commensurate with qualifications.

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