Metal Fabrication Supervisor

Transfer Flow, Inc.
Chico, CA

The Manufacturing Supervisor collaborates closely with: Operations Supervisor, Quality and Safety Supervisor, Human Resources Manager, Maintenance Staff, Engineering Staff, Sales Staff.


Schedule: This position is full time, hourly and non-exempt. Normal hours are 6:00am to 2:30pm, Monday through Friday, although overtime may be necessary at times.


Transfer Flow, Inc. Purpose Statement:

Transfer Flow Incorporated is a family owned and employee-oriented manufacturing company. We are dedicated to providing a safe, organized and productive working environment for our employees. We are committed to providing safe, reliable and legal OEM and aftermarket fuel systems and related products. 

By staying abreast of new regulations, laws, and technology, Transfer Flow Incorporated will continue its role as the leading manufacturer of fuel systems for the automotive and RV industry.

Transfer Flow's success is measured by our customers choosing our product because we meet and exceed their expectations of quality, service and selection. 


Job Activities


  • One hour each day reviewing Employee Handbook

  • Utilize Unipoint Quality Management System utilizing calendar event planning

  • Utilize Syspro ERP system and  Factory ShopFloor utilizing calendar event planning

  • Work cooperatively with  Shipping, Sales, Install, Inventory, Kit Room

  • Provide complete Supervisor Checklists to the Production Manager and discuss any issues.

  • Read, understand and train on SSOPs: Departmentally specific equipment.

  • Observe and follow departmental Monday Meetings, utilizing Meeting Guidelines with the Production Manager.

  • Create and schedule Daily Assignments

  • Record equipment issues in journal or digital format and later creating a request or CPA in Unipoint as necessary

  • Use the Human Resources modules and approve time off requests.

  • Host Monday Meetings in presence of Production Manager

  • Create and schedule Daily Assignments.

  • Develop daily startup plan for critical equipment the following day.

  • Engage in employee progress and develop a valid assessment of his direct staff. IE, ABC grading.

  • Observes and documents significant situations.

  • Perform employee evaluations

  • Correct or mitigate safety issues immediately and informs management.

  • Follows and enforce wage and hour laws.

  • Use Outlook Calendar to schedule and attend meetings on-time.

  • Utilize Outlook calendar events and tasks, or Unipoint tasks to schedule tasks and goals.

  • Recognize and now names and schedules of all direct staff.

  • Continue developing habit of recording equipment issues in journal or digital format and later creating a request or CPA in Unipoint as necessary.

  • Successfully verifies that staff is complying with SSOPs and work instructions.

  • Presents employee evaluation with HR Manager.

  • Supervisor understands and updates department KPI at scheduled staff meetings.

  • Hold employees responsible for 5 S Boards maintenance

  • Presents Issue and Opportunity formats to staff.

  • Use Syspro ERP to receipt in a partial job.

  • Participate in Kaizen improvement and train staff on Kaizen processes.

  • Makes recommendations to update or improve SSOPs or work instructions.

  • Additions to, or improvements of 5S boards – both partial and complete.

  • Sexual Harassment SB1825 training

  • Understands and practices 5 S principals

  • Completes OSHA 30 hour training at Training Place.

  • Utilizes Performance Management Worksheet (PMW)

  • Reads and implements by year end the following two books:

    “The Goal”, and “Conversational Capacity” – particularly practicing Candor and Curiosity.



Essential Job Functions


The highest priority is always maintaining employee safety, followed by quality and productivity requirements. The Powder Coating Supervisor must be able to stand, walk, and move in a production environment. It is essential that the Supervisor can read and understand English, interpret mechanical drawings, and provide instruction and training to employees working in the Powder Coating department. The Supervisor must be able to quickly interpret production priorities and assign specific tasks to accomplish the daily goals. The Supervisor must be able to recognize and react to safety, quality and production issues quickly. The successful Supervisor will motivate and lead, coach for performance improvements, and be consistently available to the staff.




 TFI requires all members of our staff to fulfill all job functions in a consistent state of alertness and work in a safe manner.


 Applicants must be able to successfully pass the following:

Pre-employment drug/alcohol screening

Pre-employment Criminal history background check

Pre-employment fitness for duty physical


Must be at least 18 years of age

High School Diploma or equivalent

Must be able to demonstrate a minimum of 3 years successful supervisory experience.

Lean Manufacturing training and experience is preferred.

Must not have medical devices which could be affected by strong electro-magnetic fields


Employment at Transfer Flow Inc.


Employment with Transfer Flow Inc. is and shall be at-will.  Accordingly, either TFI or employee may terminate the employment relationship at any time, with or without cause, and with or without advance notice.


Qualified applicants are asked to reply with a cover letter and .pdf copy of the resume to this posting.  Please understand Transfer Flow is unable to accommodate unscheduled visits to our facility.